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/gq/ - what?Good Question012392 days ago
/truth/ - maybesometimes memes tell the truth0010112 days ago
/startrek/ - The Final FrontierStar Trek series and movies009162 days ago
/puppers/ - Anything dogs!bark bark, arrooooffff, bark bark woof.009112 days ago
/funny/ - ahahahstuff you might laugh at007481 day ago
/music/ - theory and moreAnything and Everything music005982 days ago
/health/ - healthfit and healthy is the goal005734 days ago
/stocks/ - wall streetmemes about the global stock markets005481 day ago
/randos/ - random quotesfrom nobodies005132 days ago
/lolcats/ - meowcats of all kinds - purrr003922 days ago
/dreamhome/ - one daybig fancy houses003455 days ago
/stolen/ - straight jackedMemes stolen from other boards003033 days ago
/photography/ - imagesStaged photos003033 days ago
/dank/ - weedsmoke it up002805 days ago
/comics/ - all kindscartoons, comics and etc002743 days ago
/wtf/ - for real?what the actual F?!?002562 days ago
/tech/ - technology memesmemes for the IT pro002383 days ago
/cars/ - whipsall about the car001933 days ago
/faith/ - i believereligion and spirituality001844 days ago
/nature/ - the great outdoorsNature is pretty001635 days ago
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